Ballet Slippers Ornament: Variation on Baby Foot pattern

Click Here for: Baby Foot Pattern

You can use the Baby Foot pattern to create these darling little pink ballet slippers ornament.


Crochet using the same Baby foot pattern, but only complete about 4 or 5 of the PERIMETER rounds. End, weave in tail. Then……..stuff them with the fiberfill. Make the top of the foot section, but make slightly smaller so it covers the top of the ballet slipper ( I like it indented downward toward the sole of foot). Sew the top section onto ballet slipper using yarn needle.

Then……..get some ribbon and thread it into a large yarn needle. Insert the ribbon into the bottom of the foot as shown in picture (see picture below).


Then…….tie up the ribbon as seen in picture, into a bow.


I like to shape the slipper into more of a ballet shape (firm fiberfill is best for this project).

Then you can add some other type of string or ribbon to use to hang the ballet slipper ornaments.

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