Crochet Mini Crown Pattern FREE

I’ve made this pattern FREE for you, and I hope you enjoy. It’s an easy fun pattern and great for decoration or small dolls.


I hope you love my newest simple hardened crochet pattern: Mini Crown.

It is a fun way to learn and experiment with hardened crochet using nylon cord/twine. I know stiffening delicate crochet has been around awhile, but I tried it using sturdier cord/thread and modern products and it’s addicting!

I love how I can paint the hardened crochet too with metallic and glittery paints.

Materials needed to complete project:
1 spool of #24 Nylon crochet thread (1.85 to 2.0 mm cord/thread), Size F or G crochet Hook, large yarn needle, acrylic paint of your choice , Mod Podge sealant, and Delta Ceramcoat prep/sealer (optional), paint brush.

TIP: You can use #24 Nylon Seine Twine or #24 Nylon twisted Mason line found at many hardware stores, ebay, amazon, or other twine/cord shops online (such as net shops) Just make sure it’s not tarred. You can also use #21 Nylon Seine twine/nylon cord for a slightly smaller result.


This pattern is written to be used with #24 Nylon Crochet Thread; it is a hardened crochet project.
However, you can choose to substitute materials; the results will vary and the choice is up to you.

You should have medium level crochet skills and knowledge.

Finished mini crown is about 3 inches high, and 4 inches in diameter across top, 9 inch circumference at base (see photos).
Instructions to make a larger version is in the pattern; easy adjustments. Larger size is about 5 inch diameter and 10 inch circumference at base.

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Download your pattern here: Mini Decorative Crochet Crown Thornwood Designs 2018

Antique finish on mini crown
I painted this with lighter and darker tones, using a bronze metallic for an antique type look.