Crochet Mini Crown Pattern FREE

I’ve made this pattern FREE for you, and I hope you enjoy. It’s an easy fun pattern and great for decoration or small dolls.


I hope you love my newest simple hardened crochet pattern: Mini Crown.

It is a fun way to learn and experiment with hardened crochet using nylon cord/twine. I know stiffening delicate crochet has been around awhile, but I tried it using sturdier cord/thread and modern products and it’s addicting!

I love how I can paint the hardened crochet too with metallic and glittery paints.

Materials needed to complete project:
1 spool of #24 Nylon crochet thread (1.85 to 2.0 mm cord/thread), Size F or G crochet Hook, large yarn needle, acrylic paint of your choice , Mod Podge sealant, and Delta Ceramcoat prep/sealer (optional), paint brush.

TIP: You can use #24 Nylon Seine Twine or #24 Nylon twisted Mason line found at many hardware stores, ebay, amazon, or other twine/cord shops online (such as net shops) Just make sure it’s not tarred. You can also use #21 Nylon Seine twine/nylon cord for a slightly smaller result.


This pattern is written to be used with #24 Nylon Crochet Thread; it is a hardened crochet project.
However, you can choose to substitute materials; the results will vary and the choice is up to you.

You should have medium level crochet skills and knowledge.

Finished mini crown is about 3 inches high, and 4 inches in diameter across top, 9 inch circumference at base (see photos).
Instructions to make a larger version is in the pattern; easy adjustments. Larger size is about 5 inch diameter and 10 inch circumference at base.

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Download your pattern here: Mini Decorative Crochet Crown Thornwood Designs 2018

Antique finish on mini crown
I painted this with lighter and darker tones, using a bronze metallic for an antique type look.

Egg Head Mannequin Crochet Pattern



My newest crochet pattern that I designed is called the Egg Head Mannequin pattern: you can access this pattern HERE.

Egg Head1_1

The pattern uses #21 Twisted Nylon Seine Twine. You might ask where in the world do I find that?? Well, it’s easily found online on sites such as Ebay or Amazon. You can also find this type of twisted nylon twine at Marine shops for ‘netting’ products for a fairly affordable price.

I like to use nylon twine because it not only provides a firmer finished product, it can be hardened using products such as Ceramcoat by Delta; an All Purpose Sealer. I use this product as the initial hardening process and Ceramcoat also helps acrylic paint adhere to the nylon. I then use a few coats of Mod Podge glossy sealer. Hardened crochet mannequins are very durable and will last decades upon decades; plus they are 100% handmade!

You can find my pre-made Ready to Ship mannequin heads in my Etsy shop Thornwood Designs.  

I will be posting tutorial videos here on my blog that will assist you in creating the mannequins in my patterns!