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Folk Art Infant Mannequin   SOLD

Newest Mannequin: needle felted crochet mannequin
Newest Mannequin: needle felted crochet mannequin


This is a handcrafted Item. I like to consider this a Folk Art baby mannequin. I want to create items that can be here in our world for years to come. I truly enjoy creating these; and each one is made with love and care.

Each of my dress forms are created from my original pattern. I crochet the mannequin using a nylon crochet cord. I stuff the item with a high quality firm polyester fiberfill. The mannequin is attached to a black metal stand. I then spend many hours doing a needle felting process using 100% wool which creates a lovely folk art felted appearance. I used a slightly off white for the face and body, and a bright lovely fuchsia for the hair to add a unique interest to the mannequin.

Visit my Etsy shop for Crochet Mannequin patterns and completed mannequins:  THORNWOOD DESIGNS